About Yepstr


Today, Yepstr is a digital marketplace where Yeps (Young Entrepreneurs 15-21y.o.) find babysitting, tutoring and gardening jobs. We ensure the process is simple, fun and safe.

Unlike similar platforms, these neighborhood jobs isn't where we see ourselves earning the big money. Instead, it is the database of evaluations that will be valuable - identifying ambitious, high-performing youths. This database can be monetized in a variety of ways down the line - for example from companies looking for rapid assistance.

Therefore, we also operate differently to most marketplaces. At Yepstr we mainly invest our time and effort into our service-providers, our Yeps (Young Entrepreneurs). They are the ones we want to develop a deep relationship with, coaching them through their career journey.

So - if you are passionate about actually having an impact and improving the world we live in – then this is the ship you need to board.

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