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Hi, I am really excited to tell you about our latest creation. 

We are currently rolling out a new reading experience for kids between ages 4-8 where they can interact with books and minigames to improve reading speed. 
The platform is in final stages of testing and we are now ready to launch the company. 

We will launch the first version on PC, MAC, Android Tablets and Ipads. Smartphones are coming later this fall (due to some UX modifications) 

In order to increase production speed we are now looking for a co-founder/business partner/project manager to join for for the final stages before the release. We are hiring a project manager which aspires to be COO and then later on CEO for the company. We are currently not looking for capital, will pay a salary but can consider working on a package deal if we find the right persons(s). 

We expect that you have relevant experience and love digital marketing. 

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