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We are creating an innovative solution to save millions of lives around the world using our smart sensor technology to prevent drunk driving!


AlkoSens is an early stage tech startup located at Stockholm, supported by KTH Innovation and Student Incubator. AlkoSens wants to create a technology which will help the transportation safety by preventing drunk driving.

One person is killed every half-hour and every other minute a person is seriously injured. There is an urgent need of action for Zero Tolerance towards drunk-driving.  AlkoSens aims at developing efficient ways with smart applications for automobiles to provide solutions with biometric authentication systems. We aim to measure Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) using a Breathalyzer integrated to Biometric sensors and Alcohol Sniffers. Uniqueness lies in monitoring the driver in real-time with biometric authentication right from the start of the vehicle till the end of driving.

We believe in working hard and playing and having fun much harder.

What have been our highlights of the year?

- Recently received funding from KTH Innovation to build our alpha prototype

- AlkoSens has successfully completed 3 Month fellowship programme at SSES (Stockholm School of Entrepreneurship)

- Successfully completed STING Health TEST DRIVE 2016.

- Participated at Venture Cup Idea Phase and Business Plan Phase 2016

Ultimate goal of 2016 is to develop our first functioning solutions and validate it in both India and Sweden by September 2016.

Contact us at hr@alkosens.se 

Friday, Nov 18, 2016

For Software/ Full Stack Developer/ Mobile Apps Developer (ios/android)

Part-time / Freelance
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Alkosens is looking for tech enthusiasts to join our visionary startup that will help to prevent drunk driving. We are currently looking full stack developers (Preferably Android/iOS developer), a network engineer and possibly a wireless/embedded systems developer.

We are currently developing two products – the first one is Ignition Interlock device (IID) with Biometric Authentication, for which market is estimated to be $1.1bn in a decade timeframe, according to Bloomberg.  This market is expected to grow based on the adoption of laws which is happening across the world.

The second one is a wearable which will track user’s Blood Alcohol Level and give subtle notifications using colour spectrum. The future product that Alkosens plans to have would be, nano-embedded seatbelts which will continuously monitor the breath of the driver.

We have completed initial prototyping of our first product and working on the testing environment currently.  Our next steps in the next six months would be:

  • Finish testing and improve the first prototype.

  • To parallelly develop blueprints, timelines and hardware/software specifications for the Alcohol Indicator Band .

  • To build  an iOS/Andriod  App that will interact with the IOT wearable.

  • Launch first product by end of Quarter 1 in 2017.

  • To build nano sensor which can detect Alcohol from Breath or Sweat samples by end of Quarter 3  in 2017.

  • Launch second product by end of Quarter 4 in 2017

For software/ Full Stack developer/ Mobile Apps developer (iOS/Android)

  • Programming experience with a strong iOS development/Android portfolio.

  • Experience building client applications working seamlessly with SOA backends.

  • Good debugging knowledge.

  • Can program in other programming languages like C++, Matlab, Python, Java.

  • Knowledge of data structures and algorithm complexity analysis.Experience profiling and optimizing applications.

Contact us at hr@alkosens.se


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