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Friday, Dec 9, 2016

Fullstack Developer At Portfoliobox

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Am I naive to advertise for a fullstack developer? Probably, I am sure that as a fullstack developer you get contacted by thousands of recruiters each week, and you know that you can pick and choose from the offers.

That’s why I will keep it short: We are looking for a fullstack developer who is skilled in everything from CSS to database architecture.

You will work with Portfoliobox.net, which is one of the best website builders in the world. There are lots of things to do. You will likely help us build new, state of the art systems from the ground up, but this is a product company and sometimes we will ask you to fix minor bugs and maintain the exciting product.

With us, you will not work as a consultant, hence we guarantee a stress free job with no overtime. If you have children or want to work shorter days for other reasons, that is totally fine. Salary and benefits are of course good too.

I don’t want to brag, but the bosses here at Portfoliobox are good as well. We will treat you like an engineer, meaning that you will get real tasks to work with, containing problem solving, architecture and full stack coding. If you are a person who needs a project manager to micro manage your work, or if you often find yourself complaining that a certain task is not specified enough, please look elsewhere. 

Please contact me and tell me what other benefits you think are important. We are open for discussion and most things are possible to arrange. In other interviews with developers I have gotten some funny requests, such as: ”I need to bring my dog to the office each day, and the company must have an explicit policy for how they treat HBTQ persons.” - Well... that can be arranged, I replied.



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Fullstack Developer At Portfoliobox

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